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Mondelēz International has partnered with Tungsten Network to provide a simpler way for suppliers to submit invoices


Using over a decade’s worth of experience, we have drawn together an extensive set of frequently asked questions (FAQ) and documents to help you every step of the way

Registration Questions

    My customer has requested I use Tungsten Network to submit invoices. What should I do?

    Both the buyer and seller must be members of the Tungsten Network in order to send and receive electronic invoices through Tungsten.

    Many of your customers may already be members of the network. Within 24 hours of joining the Tungsten Network, you can be sending those customers e-Invoices.

    Why should I use Tungsten to send my invoices?

    Shortly, this will be the primary way that Mondelēz International accepts delivery of supplier invoices.

    Is registering on the Tungsten portal equivalent to joining Tungsten Network?

    Yes, part of the registration process is that you have to accept required standard terms and conditions given. Once you do it, the expectation from Mondelēz International is that you will stop submitting paper invoices (rejected if still received) and submit all invoices via Tungsten.

    Do I need to enter into sign an agreement with Tungsten Network?

    Yes, regardless of the solution you choose, you will be required to accept Tungsten Network’s terms and conditions.

    Is invoicing via Tungsten a requirement for doing business with Mondelez International?

    Yes. Mondelēz International is actively phasing out the processing of paper invoices to take advantage of the benefits that electronic invoicing provides to both us and our suppliers. As of 2018, use of Tungsten e-invoicing will become a formal vendor selection criteria employed by Mondelēz International. Although this will not necessarily lead to an immediate disqualification of non-compliant vendors, our expectation is that such suppliers will, over time, inevitably find themselves at a disadvantage.

    Who is Tungsten?

    Tungsten Network provides electronic invoicing, analytics and workflow solutions to companies around the globe. For more information about our products and services please visit our website.

    What do I have to do to send electronic invoices via the Tungsten Network?

    To start using the Tungsten Network, all you need to do is register now, using the Registration Key or TN Number given to you by your customer. Once registered, all suppliers using this option automatically receive 52 free transactions. At the end of your first anniversary (one year after registration), we will replenish your account, at no charge, back to 52 free invoices for you to use during the next 12 months.

    If you are registered in one of the countries below and intend to store your invoices for tax reclaim on the Tungsten invoice archive you will need to notify your local tax authority. Tungsten provides a standard wording you can use to provide this notification. A link to a copy of the notification template will be emailed to you.

    Czech Republic
    New Zealand
    South Africa

    Do I need to install any software?

    No. Additional software or hardware is NOT required. You only need a connection to the internet to send e-Invoices via the Tungsten Network.

    What are the minimum system requirements for using Tungsten Network?

    The minimum operating system requirements are: Microsoft Windows 98 Second Edition, Linux or Mac OS 9.2*.

    Minimum browser requirements are: Version 9 of Internet Explorer and the latest versions of Firefox, Chrome, Safari and Opera.

    Can I send invoice data directly from my billing system?

    You can send invoices directly from your billing system in any format you choose. To do this you will need to become an Integrated Solution Supplier on the Tungsten Network. Please contact Tungsten directly on +44 (0)870 165 7420 to do this. Tungsten also has local numbers in the following countries:

    Country Local Number
    Asia Pacific region +60 (3) 9207 7800
    Belgium +32 (0)24 031 011
    Denmark +45 808 858 18
    Finland +358 (0)800 118 871
    France +33 (0)1707 081 00
    Germany +49 (0)69 2222 20290
    Ireland +353 (0)1 247 7709
    Italy +39 02360 06340
    Mexico +52 (55) 3098 7625
    Netherlands +31 (0)207 121 385
    Norway +47 800 149 34
    Portugal +351 (0)800 860007
    Spain +34 914 141 472
    Sweden +46 (0)85 057 8418
    Switzerland +41 (0)44 580 1491
    United Kingdom +44 (0)870 165 7420
    United States +1 (770) 698 1420

    Can I send electronic invoices using the Tungsten Network to all of my customers?

    Once you are subscribed to the network, Tungsten enables you to send electronic invoices to any other buyer customers that are members of the network without any additional charge. Click on Customer Connect in your supplier portal to easily locate other buyers.

    Will I need use this service if my account is currently paid on time?

    Yes, your use of Tungsten Network services will ensure we continue to pay you on time.

    Will payment terms change as part of this initiative?

    Electronic invoicing will not impact your current terms and conditions.

    What happens if I still send paper invoices?

    Once you are ready to transact via the Tungsten Network, Mondelēz International will no longer accept paper invoices. Continuing to send paper invoices could result in significant delays in your payment.

    What if I don't have a system capable of creating electronic invoices?

    You can access the Tungsten Network secure portal and create invoices online using the Web Form option. No software installation is required. All you need is an Internet connection and a standard browser.

    I already send invoice data directly to other customers, can I send EDI/XML or email invoices directly to Mondelez International?

    No. Electronic files received directly from suppliers do not satisfy Mondelēz International’s business processes. Utilizing the Integrated Solution from Tungsten Network will allow you to electronically submit your invoices.

    I already provide an invoice to other customers via the internet, can I use this instead of Tungsten Network?

    No. An image of the invoice, or an option to download the data in a fixed format, does not satisfy Mondelēz International’s business processes. Mondelēz International will only receive Supplier invoices through the Tungsten Network platform.

    I am planning to change my invoicing software soon, can I wait to enroll?

    Please reference the date requirement in the enrollment invitation communication received from Mondelez International. After that date, Mondelēz International will no longer accept your paper invoices. Tungsten Network accepts any incoming data formats so you can join the network and send invoices. When you are ready to use your new software, simply advise Tungsten Network of the data output changes and they will make the necessary alterations to ensure a smooth transition and uninterrupted invoice delivery.

General Questions

    What are my benefits from using Tungsten?

    A recent survey of Tungsten customers showed:

    Perception of Benefits Before and After Supplier Enrollment in Tungsten Network Benefits Anticipated Before Joining TN Benefits Received After Joining TN
     Better reporting and reconciliation 12.9% 72.1%
    Reduced exceptions and problems 19.7% 74.1%
    More predictable payment 31.7% 78.7%
    Improved productivity 5.3% 68.3%
    Fewer inquiries to your customer 17.7% 71.3%
    Lower operating costs 7.0% 57.2%
    Faster guaranteed invoice Delivery 40.8% 76.4%
    Faster payment 37.6% 72.6%
    Confirmed delivery 36.1% 81.8%

    Click here to visit our Benefits page.

    Are there fees associated with this service?

    Based on the volume of invoices you submit and the number of business partners you are enrolled with on the Tungsten Network, you may incur some costs associated with using the service. Mondelēz International is also paying a fee to participate in the network. We believe these cost are more than offset by the associated benefits of e-Invoicing and elimination of paper invoices.

    Click here for Integrated Solution

    Click here for Web Form Solution

    Why doesn't Mondelez International pay the fees?

    Mondelēz International does not cover a Suppliers costs to produce your paper invoices and therefore will not be covering the cost to send electronically. However the electronic solution is more cost effective to most businesses. In addition to the financial savings you will also receive the advantages of immediate invoice submission, invoice delivery confirmation, and 24/7 invoice status and reporting capability.

    Will Mondelez International make payments using Tungsten?

    Tungsten is not a payment platform. Mondelēz International will continue to use their current payment method..

    Once I have recieved RTT (Ready to Transact) notifcation from Tungsten can I still submit my paper invoices?

    No, the expectation from Mondelēz International is that once you receive this notification you should start submitting all invoices through Tungsten and no further paper invoices should be sent (rejected if still received). This is to prevent any possible duplication.

    Does the 'Accepted' status on Tungsten portal mean that my invoice has been accepted for payment by Mondelez International?

    No, to get an accurate status of your submitted invoices you should view the Invoice Status updates on your Tungsten portal account. Click Here

    When using Invoice Status with Tungsten, what type of invoice status updates will I receive on the Tungsten portal?

    • Sent: Your invoice is waiting to be validated by Tungsten system
    • Accepted: Your invoice passed Tungsten validation – invoice not yet received by Mondelēz International AP Department
    • Failed: Your invoice did not pass Tungsten validation – please check most common mistakes before raising a ticket (e.g. PO range)
    • Delivered: Your invoice is ready to be transmitted to Mondelēz International AP Department
    • Received: Your invoice was entered to Mondelēz International AP Department’s system – it will be validated for correctness and processed
    • Rejected: Your invoice did not pass Mondelēz International AP Department’s validation and was rejected – you will receive rejection information from Mondelēz International email.
    • Approved: Your invoice was posted
    • Paid: Your invoice was paid
    • Exception: Your invoice is under Mondelēz International’s investigation – you may be contacted for correction / Credit Note

    How secure is sending invoices via the Web Form?

    Access to the Tungsten service, including the Web Form, requires three credential authorizations. In addition, each session is protected by industry standard 128 bit SSL encryption using Class 3 Server Certificates from Verisign. Once your invoice is created it is stored in the secure archive where it is protected by the latest security measures which are tested daily.

    This means only authorized users can connect to the site and that once connected, all communications are private and data is completely secure.

    Can Tungsten work with staff that speak other languages?

    The business between you and your customer will continue in the same language. You should continue to send invoices in them same language you normally use.

    If you require support, please call +44 (0) 870 165 7430. For assistance in Dutch, French, German, Italian, Portuguese and Spanish, please call one of the local numbers below:

    Belgium + 32 2403 1012
    France + 33 1707 08109
    Germany + 49 6922 2220 293
    Ireland + 35 3124 77710
    Italy + 39 0236 006 341
    Mexico +52 (55) 3098 7625
    Netherlands + 31 2071 21386
    Portugal + 35 1800 814 549
    Spain + 34 9141 41473
    UK + 44 8701 657 430
    US + 1 877 752 0900

    Please note that these numbers are for Tungsten e-invoicing support queries only. Please continue to direct your payment queries to your existing customer contact.

    Who do I contact if I have practical questions on the process?

    You need to contact Mondelēz global email account [email protected].

Existing Customers

    How do I add an attachment to my invoice?

    • As Mondelēz International allows attachments, go to ‘Invoicing’ and select ‘Invoices pending attachments’
    • Find your invoice by adding the invoice number to the search field or sort the ‘Invoices awaiting attachments’ table by the various column headings
    • Check the allowed file types in the ‘Upload’ column
    • Click ‘Select’ to add the file(s) you want to attach on your computer
    • You can see your attachments in the ‘Attachment count’ column
    • You need to release your invoices with attachments to alert us that they are ready to be processed, tick the boxes by the relevant invoices and click the ‘Release’ button
    • You are limited to a maximum of 3 attachments per invoice and these must be in a tiff format
    • If you have an invoice pending attachments then you will have 24 hours to add the attachments before the invoice is automatically sent

    Can I send two invoices with the same invoice number?

    No, this is to prevent duplicate invoices. The system itself does not allow entering the same number twice.

    Can I send an invoice with an earlier invoice date than today's date?

    Yes, just enter relevant date. However, a future date is not possible.

    When I enter multiple PO numbers at the header level my invoices fail submission. So where should I enter this information?

    Please enter only one PO in “PO field” on invoice header. Please enter other POs in the body of the invoice – each PO on each related line, e.g.:

    • Line 1: first PO, description of the related delivery/service/goods
    • Line 2: second PO, description of the related delivery/service/goods
    • Line 3: third PO, description of the related delivery/service/goods

    Who is in charge to provide a supplementary access Tungsten login details for other users?

    When a supplier or Buyer registers to the Tungsten portal they have to nominate an administrator, the details of the administrator can be located by clicking on “My Account” and then by clicking on “My Profile” the details will appear at the bottom of the screen.

    It is the administrator that can add new users and amend access rights.

    Why doesn't Tungsten accept my invoice number when creating an invoice?

    Tungsten remembers all invoice numbers sent by you to Mondelēz International. This protects both you and Mondelēz International from sending duplicates. Therefore your invoice should always have a unique number, for example 1/2013 and 1/2014 will be accepted.

    Why are POs not found on the Tungsten Network portal?

    1. Your PO was created within last 24 hours. The system is scheduled to copy all new POs once a day and then to transmit it to Tungsten during the night. There is no live relationship between SRM and Tungsten therefore all PO copies appear on Tungsten supplier profiles 24 hours later.
    2. There is a real mapping issue. In this case contact Tungsten support to get it fixed and connect your company to the right entity.

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