Welcome to electronic invoicing for Bristol-Myers Squibb

Bristol-Myers Squibb is phasing out paper invoice processing by expanding the use of electronic invoicing with our selected partner provider Tungsten Network.

A inscrição na Tungsten facilitará o envio da imagem da fatura legal por meios eletrónicos e a integração direta com o nosso sistema de contabilidade sem a necessidade de reemissão de documentos físicos.

Caso opte por tirar partido deste serviço, a Bristol Myers Squibb irá enviar-lhe uma carta de acordo formal por escrito para que conceda o seu consentimento para a utilização deste serviço entre as nossas empresas.

Supporting you every step of the way

Using over a decade’s worth of experience, we have drawn together an extensive set of frequently asked questions (FAQ) and documents to help you every step of the way

General Questions

    Who is Tungsten Network?

    Tungsten Network provides electronic invoicing, analytics, and workflow solutions to companies around the globe. Tungsten Network’s e-invoicing platform enables suppliers to send invoice data directly from their accounting systems in any format to customers who are enrolled on the Tungsten Network. For more information about Tungsten products and services please visit their website.


    What are the benefits of using Tungsten Network?

    • Secure and guaranteed invoice delivery – no more lost/delayed invoices
    • You can check the status of your invoice online – from delivery through to payment
    • Reduced processing times – receive your invoices faster which means we are able to pay you on time
    • Instant invoice validation – Fewer delays due to missing information
    • Any-to-any data formatting technology – no additional software or hardware
    • Higher processing transparency and better cash flow management due to 24/7 access and reporting
    • VAT compliant – regardless of where invoices are sent from or received
    • Easy and cost-efficient – send invoices at any time

    How does it work?

    Tungsten Network’s ‘any-to-any’ solution handles all the data mapping requirements and ensures that all supplier invoices are delivered in the format that a customer’s accounts payable system requires.

    Is invoicing via Tungsten Network a requirement for doing business with Bristol-Myers Squibb?

    Yes, Bristol-Myers Squibb is actively phasing out the processing of paper invoices to take advantage of the benefits that electronic invoicing provides to both us and our suppliers. As of July 1st 2019, use of Tungsten Network e-invoicing is the preferred invoicing channel by Bristol-Myers Squibb.

    Will I need to use this service if my account is currently paid on time?

    Your use of Tungsten Network will ensure that we continue to pay you on time. In addition, you will receive a notification when your invoice has been received by us along with the status of your invoice.

    What happens if I continue to send paper invoices?

    Invoices submitted via Tungsten Network are received within hours by our accounts payable department. During your transition from paper to electronic invoicing, we will continue to accept and process your paper invoices.

    Once you start sending invoices through Tungsten Network your paper invoices will no longer be accepted and will be discarded.

    Will Bristol-Myers Squibb make payments using Tungsten Network?

    Tungsten Network is not a payment platform. Bristol-Myers Squibb will continue to pay suppliers using the current payment method.

    Who can I contact within Bristol-Myers Squibb?

    The implementation of e-invoicing will be managed on behalf of Bristol-Myers Squibb by the Tungsten Network directly. Please contact the Tungsten Network Support team to address your inquiries.

    If Tungsten Network support team is unable to address your concerns you will be directly referred to our front-office department.

    For Bristol-Myers Squibb front office team contact details refer to our Tungsten microsite.

    What if I don’t have a system capable of creating electronic invoices?

    If you print invoices generated by any invoicing system, you can send invoice data files to Tungsten Network using the Integrated Solution.  If you raise invoices manually (Word, Excel etc.) you can access Tungsten’s e-Invoicing platform via the secure web site and create invoices online using the Web Form. No software installation is required; all you need is an internet connection and standard browser.

    How is the switch from paper to e-invoicing managed?

    Once you are set-up in the network, Tungsten Network will send you a preliminary alert to notify you that your account was enabled. Bristol-Myers Squibb front office team will send you a welcoming email with detailed instructions once your account is fully activated and ready to use.

    Can I send transactions for more than one customer in one file?

    For the Integrated Solution, Tungsten Network can accept data files in any format covering as many customers as you require. Tungsten Network will agree with you how each customer is identified in your data file and will then deliver each transaction to the correct customer.

    My organisation is planning to change its invoicing software soon, should I wait before subscribing?

    Tungsten Network accepts any incoming data format, therefore, you should join the network as soon as possible and send your invoices now to ensure your payments are not interrupted. You can simply advise Tungsten of the changes when you are ready to use your new software. They will make the necessary changes without interruption of invoice delivery.

    I already have the facility to make invoices available to my customers via the Internet – allowing them to view an image of an invoice on the web. Can I use this facility instead of Tungsten?

    No, the Tungsten network ensures that Bristol-Myers Squibb receives the data you send in a format that will upload to our accounting software and, where applicable, match to a goods receipt record. Offering Bristol-Myers Squibb an image of the invoice or an option to download the data in a fixed format does not satisfy Bristol-Myers Squibb’s business processes or requirements.


    Can Tungsten Network work with staff that speak other languages?

    The business between you and your customer will continue in the same language. You should continue to send invoices in the same language you normally use.

    If you require support, please call +44 (0) 870 165 7430. (For local numbers, please click here)

    Please note that these numbers are for Tungsten e-invoicing support queries only. Please continue to direct your payment queries to your existing customer contact.

    Once I have received the welcoming email from BMS front office (after RTT (Ready to Transact) notification from Tungsten) can I still submit my paper invoices?

    No, the expectation from Bristol-Myers Squibb is that once you receive this notification you should start submitting all invoices through Tungsten Network and no further paper invoices should be sent. This is to prevent any possible duplication.

    How secure is sending invoices via the Web Form?

    Access to the Tungsten Network service, including the Web Form, requires three credential authorizations. In addition, each session is protected by industry-standard 128 bit SSL encryption using Class 3 Server Certificates from Verisign. Once your invoice is created it is stored in the secure archive where it is protected by the latest security measures which are tested daily.

    This means only authorized users can connect to the site and that once connected, all communications are private and data is completely secure.

    What are the minimum system requirements for using the Tungsten Network?

    The minimum operating system requirements are Microsoft Windows 98 Second Edition, Linux, or Mac OS 9.2*.

    Minimum browser requirements are Version 9 of Internet Explorer and the latest versions of Firefox, Chrome, Safari, and Opera.

    Can I send two invoices with the same invoice number?

    No, this is to prevent duplicate invoices. The system itself does not allow entering the same number twice.

    Why doesn't Tungsten accept my invoice number when creating an invoice?

    Tungsten Network remembers all invoice numbers sent by you to Bristol-Myers Squibb. This protects both you and Bristol-Myers Squibb from sending duplicates. Therefore your invoice should always have a unique number, for example, 1/2013 and 1/2014 will be accepted.

    Why are my POs not found on the Tungsten Network portal?

    It is most likely that your PO was created within last 24 hours. The system is scheduled to copy all new POs once a day and then to transmit it to Tungsten Network during the night. Please Allow 24 hours from PO creation to see the PO in Tungsten portal.

    If your PO is not available after 24 hours, please reach out to the BMS front office team as provided in contacts. Tungsten microsite

    When using Invoice Status with Tungsten Network, what type of invoice status updates will I receive on the Tungsten portal?

    • Sent: Your invoice is waiting to be validated by Tungsten Network system
    • Accepted: Your invoice passed Tungsten Network validation – invoice not yet received by Bristol-Myers Squibb AP Department
    • Failed: Your invoice did not pass Tungsten Network validation – please check most common mistakes before raising a ticket (e.g. PO range)
    • Delivered: Your invoice has been transmitted to Bristol-Myers Squibb AP department. If you do not see the invoice status changing within 24 hours, your invoice has failed Bristol-Myers Squibb validations and is being handled by the AP department. Please do not resubmit the invoice unless contacted by BMS.
    • Received: Your invoice is successfully posted to Bristol-Myers Squibb accounting system and routed for relevant approvals
    • Rejected: Your invoice did not pass Bristol-Myers Squibb AP Department’s validation and was rejected – you will receive rejection information from Bristol-Myers Squibb EMAIL.
    • Approved: Your invoice was approved by BMS requestor and is ready for payment according to agreed payment terms
    • Paid: Your invoice was paid
    • Exception: Your invoice is under Bristol-Myers Squibb’s investigation – you may be contacted for correction / Credit Note

    Who is in charge to provide a supplementary access Tungsten login details for other users?

    When a supplier or Buyer registers to the Tungsten Network portal they have to nominate an administrator, the details of the administrator can be located by clicking on “My Account” and then by clicking on “My Profile” the details will appear at the bottom of the screen.

    It is the administrator that can add new users and amend access rights.

Registration Questions

    Do I need to install additional hardware or software?

    No. Additional software or hardware is not required. You only need a connection to the internet to send e-invoices via the Tungsten Network.

    What costs are associated with enrolling on Tungsten Network?

    Tungsten Network offers two types of invoice delivery; an integrated solution and a web form solution.

    The Integrated Solution enables suppliers to send their invoice data in any format directly to our accounting system. This integrates your current billing system into Tungsten’s e-Invoicing network so that data is transferred without manual intervention; this solution has an annual membership fee plus a transaction fee if you exceed the number of free transactions (520) which this solution offers.

    Click here for fee structure of Integrated Solution 

    The Web Form solution allows you to use purchase order convert functionality and create individual invoices in Tungsten Network’s secure online form. If you choose to use the web form solution you are not required to pay a set-up or joining fee to start using this service. You will receive a number of free (52) transactions; if your invoicing requirement exceeds the free transactions, you will be able to purchase more.

    Click here for fee structure of Web Form Solution

    Why doesn’t Bristol-Myers Squibb pay the fees?

    Both Bristol-Myers Squibb and the supplier pay a fee to use the Tungsten Network, as we will both benefit from their service. Moving to electronic invoicing will drive to an efficient and effective process contributing to the reduction in invoice processing handling time, meet agreed payment terms, and improved quality. 

    We believe that these fees equate closely to the cost of mailing and can be further absorbed by reducing your effort in chasing for invoice payment or resolving difficulties with invoices.

    Do I need to sign an agreement with Tungsten Network?

    If you select the Integrated Solution you will sign a supplier-specific agreement with Tungsten Network.

    If you choose the Web Form solution you will be required to accept Tungsten Network’s standard terms and conditions.

    Is registering on the Tungsten portal equivalent to joining Tungsten Network?

    Yes, part of the registration process is that you have to accept the required standard terms and conditions given.

    Once you do it, the expectation from Bristol-Myers Squibb is that you will stop submitting paper invoices and submit all invoices via Tungsten Network.

    Can I send invoice data directly from my billing system?

    Yes, you can send invoices directly from your billing system in any format you choose. To do this you will need to become an Integrated Solution Supplier on the Tungsten Network.

    Please contact Tungsten directly on +44 (0)870 165 7420 to do this. (For local numbers, please click here)

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