Welcome to electronic invoicing for Applied Materials

Applied Materials is switching to electronic invoicing in Europe and Singapore with Tungsten Network

Frequently asked questions

    Who is Tungsten Network?

    Tungsten Network provides electronic invoicing, analytics and workflow solutions to companies around the globe. For more information about our products and services please visit our website.

    Will I need to sign an agreement with Tungsten Network?

    Yes. If you choose to use the Integrated Solution you will sign a specific agreement with Tungsten Network. If you choose to use the Web Form, you will be required to accept the standard terms and conditions presented.

    Why doesn't Applied Materials pay the fees?

    To use the Tungsten Network service, both you and Applied Materials pay a fee as we will both benefit from the service. Our analysis shows that once you factor in costs of printing and delivery, it can be cheaper to submit an invoice electronically via Tungsten Network.

    Will I need to use this service if my account is currently paid on time?

    Yes. Your use of the Tungsten Network service will help ensure we continue to pay you on time.

    What happens if I still send paper invoices?

    While you are working with Tungsten Network to complete your registration we will be happy to continue to receive your paper invoices. Please refer to your supplier communication for the deadline for suppliers to transition to the network. Once you are sending invoices via the Tungsten network please ensure you cease sending paper copies.

    Will Applied Materials make payments using Tungsten Network?

    Applied Materials will continue to use their current payment method.

    Do I need to install any software?

    No. There is no software required. Tungsten provides an easy-to-use solution. Instead of mandating data standards, Tungsten’s ANY-TO-ANY DATA FORMATTING capability accepts invoices in any format and any file structure.

    I already send some invoice data directly to other customers; can I send EDI/XML Invoices directly to Applied Materials?

    EDI and XML are just data formats as far as Tungsten Network is concerned; therefore you can use this preferred format to deliver the data to Tungsten Network if you choose to use the Integrated Solution. Applied Materials will not take any electronic data directly from suppliers as we take a single consolidated invoice file from Tungsten Network, which will contain invoices from all of our suppliers.

    How do I add PTN to my invoice line?

    Web form suppliers can submit PTN in the delivery note field on the web form. Integrated suppliers should discuss PTN with the Tungsten Network sales representative during technical enrolment.

    I already have the facility to make invoices available to my customers via the Internet - allowing them to view an image of an invoice on the web. Can I use this facility instead of Tungsten?

    No, the Tungsten Network ensures that Applied Materials receives the data you send in a format that will upload to our accounting software and, where applicable, match to a goods receipt record. Offering Applied Materials an image of the invoice or an option to download the data in a fixed format does not satisfy Applied Materials business processes or requirements.

    What if I don’t have a system capable of creating electronic invoices?

    Please speak with your Tungsten representative regarding other solutions available.

    Can I send electronic invoices using Tungsten Network to all of my customers?

    Yes. Once you are subscribed to the Tungsten Network, it can enable you to send electronic invoices to any other customers that are members of the network.

    I am planning to change my Invoicing software soon; can I wait?

    Our aim is to have all suppliers registered and sending invoices by the deadline stated in your supplier communications. Tungsten Network accepts any incoming data formats so you can join the network and send your invoices. When you are ready to use your new software, simply advise Tungsten Network of the changes to data output and they will make the necessary changes to the network, ensuring a smooth transition and uninterrupted invoice delivery.

    Can Tungsten Network offer assistance in multiple languages?

    Yes, Tungsten provides Sales, Implementation and Support services in English, French, German, Dutch, Spanish and Italian.

    Tungsten Network also has local client services numbers – Find your local number here.

    How do I learn more about becoming a Buyer using the Tungsten Network service?

    Visit Tungsten Network’s website.

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