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SITA buyer entities in scope for e-invoicing with Tungsten Network

Please use this list to ensure that you have established the correct trading relationships on Tungsten Network to invoice SITA.

Tungsten Network Number OU Number Entity Name VAT Number Legal Entity Name
AAA401615083 3106 3106_AT_BV AUSTRIA_OU ATU52231605 SITA INC B.V. - Austrian Branch
AAA158739839 1124 1124_EU_SC Austria_OU ATU16310800 SITA S.C. - Austria Branch
AAA625963533 3442 3442_AU_CPS SYSTEMS PTY_OU TFN: 8128876 CPS Systems Pty Ltd
AAA463444596 3439 3439_AU_SITA TECH AUSTRALI_OU 891 074 378 SITA Technologies Australia Pty. Ltd.
AAA350226593 3431 3431_AU_SITA ATS PTY. LTD_OU 85766861 SITA Advanced Travel Solutions Pty. Limited
AAA459641536 3139 3139_AU_BV AUSTRALIA_OU TFN: 765816095 SITA INC B.V. - Australian Branch
AAA369464656 1550 1550_AU_SC AUSTRALIA_OU 94 626 246 SITA S.C. - Australia
AAA295597454 1138 1138_BE_SC BELGIUM_OU BE0403150410 SITA S.C. - Belgium Branch
AAA632823548 4001 4001_BE_CIP SA_OU BE0442623569 Compagnie Internationale de Participations SA
AAA039213095 3107 3107_BE_BV BELGIUM_OU BE0473906267 SITA INC B.V. - Belgium Branch
AAA972262299 3154 3154_CA_BV CANADA_OU GST: 143509388 / QST: 1023327861 SITA INC B.V. - Canada Branch
AAA490540390 3415 3415_CA_SITA INC CANADA IN_OU GST: 899160949 / QST : 1021098821 SITA Information Networking Computing Canada Inc.
AAA355569591 1441 1441_CA_SC CANADA_OU GST : 128313913 / QST : 1002940481 SITA S.C. - Canada
AAA281561555 3603 3603_CH_ONAIR SWITZERLAND _OU N/A OnAir Switzerland Sarl
AAA299318659 3426 3426_CH_SITA Techn B.V. CH_OU 723341 SITA Technologies B.V. Switzerland
AAA954703377 1600 1600_CH_SC SWITZERLAND_OU CHE-112.805.293 SITA S.C. - Switzerland
AAA559241435 2105 2105_CH_SITA INC Sarl_OU CHE-110.128.760 SITA Information Networking Computing Sarl
AAA368013983 3450 3450_CH_SITA ITS Switzerla_OU 723341 SITA IT Services Switzerland Sarl
AAA688122738 1134 1134_CZ_SC CZECH REPUBLIC_OU CZ15273270 SITA S.C. - Czech Republick Branch
AAA201869500 3108 3108_CZ_BV CZECH REPUBLIC_OU CZ70899061 SITA INC B.V. - Czech Republic Branch
AAA103840633 3102 3102_DE_BV GERMANY_OU DE209268101 SITA INC B.V. - Germany Branch
AAA602666026 1102 1102_DE_SC GERMAN_OU DE113878247 SITA S.C. - German Branch
AAA240941153 3109 3109_DK_BV DENMARK_OU DK25781139 SITA INC B.V. - Denmark Branch
AAA835425380 1130 1130_DK_SC Denmark_OU DK21450995 SITA S.C. - Denmark Branch
AAA103719365 3443 3443_DKK_SITA WORKBRIDGE_OU DK25315545 SITA Workbridge A/S
AAA446309361 1151 1151_EU_SC Estonia_OU 1011101731091 (not registered for SITA S.C. - Estonia Branch
AAA349861278 1116 1116_EU_SC Finland_OU FI05993582 SITA S.C. - Finland Branch
AAA668373772 1100 1100_FR_SC FRANCE _OU FR57775748106 SITA S.C. - France Branch
AAA680304318 3121 3121_FR_BV FRANCE_OU FR72433671112 SITA INC B.V. - France Branch
AAA650439029 3412 3412_FR_SITA ITS FRANCE_OU FR36492569306 SITA IT Services France S.A.S.
AAA614820413 3448 3448_EU_SITA TELECOM S.A.S_OU FR36418151973 SITA Telecom S.A.S.
AAA222465585 1368 1368_AO_SC REUNION_OU FR57775748106 SITA S.C. - Reunion
AAA923303507 2251 2251_GBP_CHAMP CARGO UK LTD_OU GB848324705 Champ Cargosystems (UK) Limited
AAA048892988 3429 3429_UK_SITA ATS Ltd_OU GB791299975 SITA Advanced Travel Solutions Limited
AAA730467263 1198 1198_PO_SC UK_OU GB 222 931 778 EORI : SITA S.C. - UK Branch
AAA739605533 3105 3105_UK_BV UK_OU GB 522 252 413 EORI : SITA INC B.V. - UK Branch
AAA809084007 2201 2201_UK_SITA INC UK Ltd_OU GB 786 631 196 EORI : SITA INC UK Limited
AAA487066854 3127 3127_GR_BV GREECE_OU EL 099975050 SITA INC B.V. - Greece Branch
AAA206027666 3137 3137_HK_BV HONG KONG_OU we are not VAT registered SITA INC B.V. - Hong Kong Branch
AAA770763829 1208 1208_HK_SC HONG KONG_OU we are not VAT registered SITA S.C. - Hong Kong Branch
AAA194638466 31111 3111_HU_BV HUNGARY_OU HU20968179 SITA INC B.V. - Hungarian Branch
AAA253472278 1125 1125_HU_SC Hungary_OU HU20215354 SITA S.C. - Hungary Branch
AAA810128736 2303 2303_IE_SITA INC USA Inc_OU 9699458G SITA Information Networking Computing USA Inc.
AAA824714778 1128 1128_IE_SC IRELAND_OU IE 9514249J SITA S.C. - Ireland Branch
AAA125315150 3186 3186_IE_BV IRELAND_OU IE9951623 V SITA INC B.V. - Ireland Branch
AAA232205187 2103 2103_IE_SITA INC IRELAND _OU IE 6389682G EORI : IE9951623V SITA Information Networking Computing Ireland Limited
AAA549804557 3129 3129_IT_BV ITALY_OU IT 06419621005 SITA INC B.V. - Italy Branch
AAA860439454 1105 1105_IT_SC ITALY_OU IT 00922961008 SITA S.C. - Italy Branch
AAA194812822 1186 1186_LT_SC Lithuania_OU 40006002579_ we are not VAT registered SITA S.C. - Lithuania Representative Office.
AAA144457843 1169 1169_LV_SC Latvia_OU 90000145602 SITA S.C. - Latvia Representative Office.
AAA109728519 3144 3144_MY_BV MALAYSIA_OU we are not VAT registered SITA INC B.V. - Malaysia Branch
AAA766743744 3417 3417_MY_SITA ATIS MALYSIA_OU we are not VAT registered SITA Air Transport Industry Solutions Sdn. Bhd.
AAA073947723 1217 1217_MY_SC MALAYSIA_OU we are not VAT registered SITA S.C. - Malaysia Branch
AAA461881716 3602 3602_EU_OnAir NV_OU Please contact Virginia Valdueza - [email protected] OnAir N.V.
AAA629820374 3425 3425_EU_SITA Technologies B.V. _OU NL803609681 SITA Technologies B.V.
AAA442340667 1108 1108_NL_SC NETHERLANDS_OU 40.61.500. B01 SITA S.C. - The Netherlands Branch
AAA281595454 2101 2101_EU_SITA N.V._OU NL808699027 SITA N.V.
AAA578777740 3101 3101_XE_SITA INC B.V._OU NL808699118.B01 SITA N.V.
AAA173641515 3103 3103_NL_BV NETHERLAND_OU NL808699118.B01 SITA Information Networking Computing B.V.
AAA032556771 3104 3104_NO_BV NORWAY_OU 881969432 MVA SITA INC B.V. - Netherland Branch
AAA918102351 3142 3142_NZ_BV NEW ZEALAND_OU IRD: 77 946 020 SITA INC B.V. - Norway Branch
AAA998969901 1551 1551_NZ_SC NEW ZEALAND_OU 13246823 Zealand
AAA373344241 3145 3145_PH_BV PHILIPPINES_OU TIN nbr (BIR) 226-629-905-000 SITA INC B.V. - Philippines Branch
AAA351575980 1205 1205_PH_SC PHILIPPINES_OU 000 500 064 000 SITSITA S.C. - Philippines BranchA INC B.V. - Philippines Branch
AAA404642027 3115 3115_PL_BV POLAND_OU 526-25-87-919 SITA INC B.V. - Polish Branch
AAA844417089 1179 1179_PL_SC Poland_OU 526-25-44-028 SITA S.C. - Poland Representative Office
AAA333592707 1405 1405_US_SC Puerto Rico_OU no VAT SITA S.C. - Puerto Rico
AAA438361487 3131 3131_PT_BV PORTUGAL_OU Tax: 980 222168 (no de contribuinte) SITA INC B.V. - Portugal Branch
AAA975198334 1127 1127_EU_SC Portugal_OU 980 143 420 SITA S.C. - Portugal Branch
AAA384313698 3168 3168_RO_BV ROMANIA_OU 14283136 SITA INC B.V. - Romania Branch
AAA049053812 1145 1145_RO_SC Romania_OU fiscal registration n°: 1591185 SITA S.C. - Romania Branch
AAA739995892 3114 3114_SE_BV SWEDEN_OU SE 516402566901 SITA INC B.V. - Sweden Branch
AAA344136783 1111 1111_SE_SC Sweden_OU Tax Registration #516 403 0289 SITA S.C. - Sweden Branch
AAA535417034 3607 3607_SG_On Air CH Singapore_OU This region is not in our scope OnAir Singapore Sarl
AAA191512185 3423 3423_SG_SITA INC CHINA_OU GST: 19-9905680-G INFOSKY
AAA645748047 1209 1209_SG_SC SINGAPORE_OU M200094204 SITA S.C. - Singapore Branch
AAA572223790 2104 2104_SG_SITA INC ASIA PTE_OU 20-0002173G SITA Information Networking Computing (Asia Pacific) Pte. Ltd.
AAA344685177 3138 3138_SG_BV SINGAPORE_OU F0-0005882-C SITA INC B.V. - Singapore Branch
AAA100572304 1170 1170_EU_SC Slovenia_OU SI 11294442 SITA S.C. - Slovenia Branch
AAA018677799 2301 2301_US_SITA INC USA INC_OU 52-2086529 SITA Information Networking Computing USA Inc.
AAA205100209 3604 3604_US_ONAIR USA INC._OU Please contact Virginia Valdueza - [email protected] OnAir USA Inc.
AAA626656011 2303 2303_IE_SITA INC USA Inc_OU 9699458G SITA Information Networking Computing USA Inc.
AAA817142011 2302 2302_US_SITA Ventures INC_OU no tax SITA Ventures Inc.
AAA552805020 1401 1401_US_SC USA_OU D&B: 080655426B SITA S.C. - USD - Registered in 17 states
AAA887705812 2106 2106_US_SITA ATS INC. USA_OU no tax SITA Advanced Travel Solutions Inc.
AAA382386431 3119 3119_ZA_BV SOUTH AFRICA_OU 4050189077 SITA INC B.V. - South Africa Branch
AAA119084812 1303 1303_ZA_SC SOUTH AFRICA_OU 46660127335 SITA S.C. - South African Branch
AAA083821181 3112 3112_EU_B.V. Luxembourg Branch_OU 18728731 SITA INC B.V. - Luxembourg Branch
AAA060326980 1109 1109_EU_SC Luxembourg_OU 10299926 SITA S.C. - Luxembourg Branch
AAA515762821 3157 3157_MX_BV MEXICO _OU SIN-01128SZ3 SITA INC B.V. - Mexico Branch
AAA915322499 1430 1430_MX_SC MEXICO_OU SIT-51009T87 SITA S.C. - Mexico
AAA852591015 3194 3194_SK_BV SLOVAKIA _OU IC 0031818781 SITA INC B.V. - Slovakia Branch
AAA646380238 1155 1155_EU_SC Slovakia_OU IC 0030806275 SITA S.C. - Slovakia Branch
AAA870696317 3132 3132_ES_BV SPAIN_OU N-032097H SITA INC B.V. - Spain Branch
AAA870320231 3153 3153_SITA INC B.V._OU 52-2252413 SITA INC B.V. - USA Branch
- 1751 1751_SITA S.C. - Registered office USD - SITA S.C. - Registered office USD

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