Welcome to electronic invoicing for Organon

Organon has partnered with Tungsten Network to provide a simpler way for suppliers to submit invoices

Organon buyer entities in scope for e-invoicing with Tungsten Network

Please use this list to ensure that you have established the correct trading relationships on Tungsten Network to invoice Organon.

Tungsten Account Number Organon Company Code Legal Name Country
AAA795445253 9121 Organon Austria GmbH Austria
AAA576996029 3125 SP Labo NV/SA (Heist) Belgium
AAA859932162 9124 Organon Belgium BV Belgium
AAA430894675 9595 Organon Pharma d.o.o. Croatia
AAA980715437 9396 Organon Czech Republic s.r.o. Czech Republic
AAA551432016 9237 Organon Pharma BV - Cyprus Branch Cyprus
AAA010600807 9168 Organon Denmark ApS Denmark
AAA799334412 9218 Organon Pharma B.V. - Estonia RO Estonia
AAA270248636 9158 Organon Finland Oy Finland
AAA259840882 9188 Organon France France
AAA506524487 9165 Organon Healthcare GmbH Germany
AAA445401086 9395 Organon Hungary Kft Hungary
AAA877775122 3240 Organon (Ireland) Limited Ireland
AAA416409878 9013 Organon Pharma (Ireland) Limited Ireland
AAA209929058 9493 Organon Pharma BV - Latvia Rep Office Latvia
AAA156704900 9510 Organon Pharma BV - Lithuania Rep Office Lithuania
AAA725708424 9366 Organon Belgium BV, Luxembourg Branch Luxembourg
AAA535578371 3525 OBS Mexico Holdings B.V. Netherlands
AAA478971351 3291 NV Organon Netherlands
AAA280642141 3283 Organon Participations BV Netherlands
AAA117750836 9110 Organon Pharma B.V. Netherlands
AAA515224152 9470 Organon Holdings 9 BV Netherlands
AAA276086295 9526 GTS FI BV Netherlands
AAA849457239 9560 Organon International Holdings BV Netherlands
AAA276034717 9582 Organon Asia Holdings BV Netherlands
AAA329470587 9137 Organon International Holdings 9 B.V. Netherlands
AAA966763815 9274 Organon International 9 BV Netherlands
AAA408959880 9282 Organon Human Health Holding BV Netherlands
AAA407842095 9285 Organon Ireland Holdings B.V. Netherlands
AAA904246618 9302 Organon Canada Holdings BV Netherlands
AAA900387952 9016 Organon Holding I BV Netherlands
AAA157322769 9043 Organon (I.A.) B.V. Netherlands
AAA112467964 9177 Organon Norway AS Norway
AAA528084247 9217 Organon Polska Sp. z.o.o. Poland
AAA262279177 3317 Organon Portugal, Sociedade Unipessoal Lda Portugal
AAA827577479 9394 Organon Slovakia s.r.o. Slovakia
AAA384631024 9253 Organon South Africa Pty Ltd. South Africa
AAA483785655 1200 Organon Salud, S.L. Spain
AAA710707100 9190 Organon Sweden AB Sweden
AAA726602154 9048 Organon International Services GmbH Switzerland
AAA086930955 9358 Organon International GmbH Switzerland
AAA973089162 9204 Organon GmbH Switzerland
AAA230187692 3139 Organon Central East GmbH Switzerland
AAA653261537 9239 Organon KSA GmbH Switzerland
AAA563925080 1007 Organon Pharma (UK) Limited United Kingdom

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