Welcome to electronic invoicing for Keysight Technologies

Keysight Technologies has partnered with Tungsten Network to provide a simpler way for suppliers to submit invoices

As part of Keysight’s ongoing policy to continuously improve efficiency and service, we have implemented an electronic invoicing program for all invoices submitted to Keysight.

Tungsten is the supplier chosen to provide this service to you and we strongly believe that this new process will prove mutually beneficial to Keysight and its Suppliers. You will benefit from secure and guaranteed invoice delivery within hours, which will allow us to process your invoices more efficiently.

Tungsten offers flexible options for submitting e-Invoices that accommodate a wide variety of supplier sizes, systems, and processing needs.

Suppliers do not need to install any hardware or software or change the way their systems are configured. With no hardware or software to install, subscribing to the network is simple and Suppliers can be sending invoices electronically in as little as 48 hours from sign-up.

Crucially, the Tungsten network satisfies the demands of VAT/TAX administrations across APAC, Europe and North America.

Invoicing has always been a labor intensive process for both Keysight and its Suppliers. Moving to Tungsten will lead to a significant improvement in the time it takes for invoices to be registered in our Accounts Payable system, by-passing common problems that hold up payment, such as:

Using the network will also allow Keysight to contact Suppliers more quickly in the event of any queries, meaning corrections can take place and can be approved before the agreed payment due date.

Fast, guaranteed invoice delivery
Full visibility of your invoice status online
Early invoice data validation
Payment on time

Select your preferred e-invoicing option


The Tungsten Network Integrated Invoice Solution is recommended for users who send a high volume of invoices.

  • Send directly from your accounting system
  • Invoice status updates & email notifications
  • Send yourself copies of the invoices and create custom reports
  • Customer Connect

Web Form

The Tungsten Network Web Form Invoice Solution is recommended for users who send a low volume of invoices.

  • 52 free invoices annually
  • Send invoices through the Tungsten Portal
  • Invoice status updates & email notifications
  • Send yourself copies of the invoices and create custom reports
  • Customer Connect

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