Welcome to electronic invoicing for Kerry North America

In an effort to improve our Purchase-to-Pay process, Kerry has partnered with Tungsten Network, to enable e-invoicing. E‑invoicing is a process which removes paper invoices from the payment process. E‑invoices are sent by suppliers through the Tungsten Network and then passed directly into Kerry’s AP system

Kerry North America buyer entities in scope for e-invoicing with Tungsten Network

Please ensure your Tungsten account is connected with the correct Kerry North America subsidiary. If you do not have the correct relationship, please request it through “Customer Connect” section on your Tungsten Portal.

Tungsten Network Account Number Entity Name Address City Country
AAA561475203 Kerry Inc.SAP 3330 Millington Rd Beloit US
AAA974189706 Kerry Inc. 3330 Millington Rd Beloit US
AAA412622300 Kerry Canada Inc. 615 Jack Ross Ave Woodstock CAN

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