Welcome to electronic invoicing for Goodyear

Goodyear has partnered with Tungsten Network to provide a simpler way for suppliers to submit invoices

How to ensure your invoices are processed on time?

To ensure Goodyear can process your invoices on time, please follow these clear and simple steps for submitting them through the Tungsten Network Portal.

Goodyear will reject your invoice if you fail to select the correct Goodyear legal entity and you will be required to resubmit your invoice with the correct entity details.

The PO Convert function allows you to create an invoice directly from our Purchase Order, which helps to ensure your invoice is processed first time.

Important Note:

  1. Your POs are being loaded to Tungsten for validation purposes. You should continue to deliver against the POs that are sent directly from Goodyear.
  2. It takes up to 48 hours between the time when you receive the PO on your mailbox and it will become available on the Tungsten Portal. If after that time your PO is still not available please raise a ticket with Tungsten support.

Exception: PO convert function does not work in case of EFS POs (25*). Those POs are not loaded to the Portal. PO should be entered manually in PO field on header level and if there are more than one PO, they should be included in description / text fields.

Manual invoice

There are four key elements on an invoice, described and shown below, that you should pay close attention to when selecting the entity you wish to invoice. Each Goodyear entity is uniquely identified by:

  1. Company name
  2. Company address
  3. VAT registration number – This number should correspond to the country of delivery. If the delivery country is different to the ‘billing address’ country, please pay special attention to select the AAA number representing the Goodyear billing address followed by a VAT ID of the delivery country.
    • For example, you invoice GDTO (Goodyear located in Luxembourg) but you deliver to Germany. Your billing address should be Goodyear in Luxembourg (billing address) with the German VAT (delivery country) account AAA808301063, connected to VAT DE262797867.
  4. The Tungsten AAA (Account Number) is different for each legal entity.  If you are Transport Service Provider for any of the Goodyear entities, you should select the correct AAA number of the Goodyear entity based on the EFS Final report provided to you by Goodyear Cost control team.

For example:

You can download a list of all legal entities here

If for any reason you do not know which Goodyear entity to invoice or cannot find the right AAA, raise a ticket with Tungsten support to make it available for you. You can also refer to your Purchase Order contract. You should be looking for it on the first side of your PO in the top frame.

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