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Euroapi has partnered with Tungsten Network to provide a simpler way for suppliers to submit invoices

Frequently asked questions

    Who is Tungsten Network?

    Tungsten Network is a global electronic invoicing network. Tungsten Network’s e-invoicing platform enables suppliers to send any format of invoice data directly from their accounting systems, enter the data online and submit the invoice online in the portal or even easily turn a PO into an invoice.

    Additionally the Invoice Status Service* enables the suppliers to follow their invoices through the main processing steps from reception to payment.
    *In some countries availability of the Invoice Status Service may be deferred compared to e-invoicing service.

    How does it work?

    Tungsten Network’s ‘any-to-any’ solution handles all the data mapping requirements and ensures that all supplier invoices are delivered in the format that a customer’s accounts payable system requires.

    Is invoicing via Tungsten Network a requirement for doing business with Euroapi?

    Euroapi is actively phasing out the processing of paper invoices to take advantage of the benefits that electronic invoicing provides to our business and our suppliers.

    The ability to submit electronic invoices would represent one of the assessment criteria during the tendering and supplier selection process.

    What are the benefits of using Tungsten Network?

    • Secure and guaranteed invoice delivery – Euroapi receives the invoices within hours avoiding delays or losses which sometimes appear during the postal transit of the paper documents
    • You can check the status of your invoice online – from delivery through to payment*
    • Reduced processing times – As we receive invoices faster, our processing activities can to start earlier and ensure on time payment
    • Instant invoice validation – Tungsten Network validates the invoices ensuring compliance with the legal requirements and availability of the data needed in order to integrate them in the Euroapi system, contributing to a faster processing and reducing potential delay due to missing information
    • Any-to-any data formatting technology – Tungsten Network can work with almost any output of your ERP and transform it into the input required by the Euroapi ERP. No additional software or hardware is required for this
    • Higher processing transparency and better cash flow management due to 24/7 access and reporting
    • VAT compliant – regardless of where invoices are sent from or received Tungsten Network’s systems and processes ensure compliance with the local regulations in terms of electronic invoicing
    • Easy, cost efficient and environmental friendly – Even if in some situations, according to their pricing policy Tungsten Network may apply fees, this should be compensated and in many cases even exceeded by the savings on invoice printing, preparation and mailing costs.

    *In some countries availability of the Invoice Status Service may be deferred compared to e-invoicing service.

    Do I need to install additional hardware or software?

    Tungsten Network is web-based, therefore all you require to access the e-invoicing platform is a browser and internet access.

    Will electronic invoicing be a requirement for new tenders and new suppliers?

    The ability to submit electronic invoices would represent one of the assessment criteria during the tendering and supplier selection process.

    Will I need to use this service if my account is paid on time?

    Your use of Tungsten Network will ensure that we continue to pay you on time. In addition, you will take advantage from a number of other benefits ranging from more secure invoice delivery to increased visibility over the invoice life cycle*.
    *In some countries availability of the Invoice Status Service may be deferred compared to e-invoicing service.

    What happens if I continue to send paper invoices?

    Euroapi would like to take advantage of the benefits that electronic invoicing provides to our business and to our suppliers and therefore this is the preferred invoicing method.

    Once you start sending invoices through Tungsten Network you will need to discontinue sending paper copies.

    What costs are associated with enrolling on Tungsten Network?

    Tungsten Network offers two types of invoice delivery; an integrated solution and a Web Form solution.

    The Integrated Solution enables suppliers to send their invoice data in any format directly to our accounting system. This integrates your current billing system into Tungsten’s e-invoicing network so that data is transferred without manual intervention; this solution has an annual membership fee plus a transaction fee if you exceed the number of free invoices which this solution offers.

    The Web Form solution allows you to manually enter data into Tungsten Network’s secure online form. If you choose to use the web form solution you are not required to pay a set-up or joining fee to start using this service. You will receive a number of free transactions; if your invoicing requirement exceeds the free transactions, you will be able to purchase more. You can check current fees here.

    What does the membership fee for the Integrated Solution cover?

    The membership fee covers the cost to Tungsten Network for setting you up on their network and the general costs of maintaining the network. The membership fee is an annual cost regardless of the number of customers that you invoice via the network and it includes a number of free transactions.

    Why doesn’t Euroapi pay the fees?

    Euroapi and suppliers pay a fee to use Tungsten Network as we will both benefit from the service. Moving to electronic invoicing will create savings for suppliers by streamlining your processes and significantly reducing the time we pay your invoices.

    We believe that these fees equate closely to the cost of mailing and can be further absorbed by reducing your effort in chasing for invoice payment or resolving difficulties with invoices.

    Will Euroapi make payments using Tungsten Network?

    Tungsten Network is not a payment platform. Euroapi will continue to pay suppliers using the current payment method.

    Do I need to enter into sign an agreement with Tungsten Network?

    Yes, regardless of the solution you choose, you will be required to accept Tungsten Network’s terms and conditions.

    Does this electronic invoicing requirement apply across all of Euroapi?

    The implementation of e-invoicing will be managed on behalf of Euroapi by Tungsten Network who will also represent the first point of contact for queries.

    Tungsten Network can be reached at the Tungsten Network Help Desk.

    What if I don’t have a system capable of creating electronic invoices?

    Tungsten Network can handle many types of data input, therefore please contact them in order to get assistance in finding the best solution for your business also considering the capabilities of your system.

    If you raise invoices manually (Word, Excel etc.) you can access Tungsten’s e-invoicing platform via the secure web site and create invoices online using the Web Form. No software installation is required; all you need is an internet connection and standard browser.

    How is the switch from paper to e-invoicing managed?

    Once you are set-up and ready to transact via the network, Tungsten Network will send you an alert to notify you that you are ready to submit invoices to our accounts payable department.

    Can I send electronic invoices using Tungsten Network to all of my customers?

    Tungsten Network allows you to send electronic invoices to any other customers that are using the network once you have enrolled.

    Can I send transactions for more than one customer in one file?

    For the Integrated Solution, Tungsten Network can accept data files in any format covering as many customers as you require. Tungsten Network will agree with you how each customer is identified in your data file and will then deliver each transaction to the correct customer.

    My organisation is planning to change its invoicing software soon, should I wait before subscribing?

    Tungsten Network accepts any incoming data format therefore you should join the network as soon as possible. You can simply advise Tungsten of the changes when you are ready to use your new software. They will make the necessary changes without interruption of invoice delivery.

    Can Tungsten Network offer assistance in multiple languages?

    Yes. Tungsten Network provides Sales, Implementation and Support services in English, French, German, Dutch, Spanish, Italian, Polish and Portuguese.

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