Invoice Data Capture

Streamline your operation and remove manual paper processing from day one

IDC delivers fast, effective benefits to the AP process, with minimal disruption

Instant ROI

Invoice data capture is the first rung on the ladder of your journey to world-class with Total AP, starting with the effective processing of paper invoices, and transitioning your AP department into a 100% e-invoicing environment.

Undisrupted relationships

There’s no need to disrupt supplier processes and IDC supports you from the outset, for those suppliers unequipped to e-invoicing – IDC normalises inbound formats and preserves your working relationships.

The bottom line

Remove the burden of paper processing, reduce human error, lower your cost per invoice and give your teams renewed focus on value-added tasks that drive growth and enhance decision-making.

A simple, single portal

Achieve all of it while working with a single, digitally-focused supplier, creating a winning formula for your back office.

All the data, captured every time

  • ERP and Workflow Agnostic
  • Supported in 25 languages with special characters
  • Guidance on PO Box locations under border & local restrictions
  • Capture accuracy of 99%
  • No customer validation needed
  • ERP and Workflow rules can be leveraged
  • Short and long-term paper archival
  • Rejection errors given ‘illegible documents’, ‘duplicate’
  • Attachments accepted
  • Line-level analytics available

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