Supply Chain Finance

Build a custom supply chain finance program to achieve your goals

Buyer-ed and

Every business and its supplier base is unique. Therefore, your Supply Chain Finance Program, its goals, requirements, and program execution will also be unique. We believe that supply chain finance should be buyer-lead and supplier-supporting, and should strengthen not only the global supply chain but also the buyer-supplier relationship. Working with our partner, Orbian, we’re providing flexible access to capital, with varied options to support all types of suppliers. Welcome to supply chain finance that genuinely improves the way you do business.

Drive growth with a solution you can trust

A simple implementation process quickly guides the successful rollout of your Supply Chain Finance Programme

Custom Strategy Design & Execution

Program strategy & management and supplier targeting & engagement based on a flexible execution model

Access to multiple funders and investors to broaden the potential funding pool. Choose your own funders or self-fund

Simple Enrollment for All Suppliers

Intuitive, web-based supplier enrolment process with onboarding and documentation specialists on-hand

A secure, web-based system streamlines invoice receipt and A/P processes and provides real-time access to reporting tools

International capabilities to support your global supply chain network

All suppliers eligible – no restrictions on spending; support small businesses and supplier diversity programmes

Protective contract structure with separate agreements with buyer, each supplier and funders

How it works

Orbian’s supply chain finance strategy experts, in partnership with Tungsten Network, will work with you to understand your needs, analyze your spend file and develop a customized solution tailored to accomplish your goals. We will derive a set of execution models based on the chosen strategy including supplier targeting, engagement and pricing options.

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