U.S. Veterans Affairs receives 600,000 e-invoices annually with Tungsten Network

Beyond external benefits such as better supplier relationships, e-invoicing has enabled the VA to realize new process efficiencies and reallocate internal staff resources previously needed to manage paper-based systems to more strategic projects.


The U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs Financial Services Center (VA FSC) was an early adopter of e-invoicing, joining Tungsten Network in 2007. The center handles 1.2 million invoices annually. The VA FSC needed to find a partner that could handle a large volume of invoices and provide the organizational and technology flexibility to grow with the agency’s needs. It also wanted a solution that would support the VA’s goals to automate its purchase-to-pay process.

The VA FSC leveraged Tungsten Network’s supplier onboarding program to reach out to its vendor community and educate providers about how and why they needed to adopt e-invoicing. Before the mandate, the VA FSC received 28% of its invoices electronically. Since the mandate has been implemented, that number has grown to over 75%.

The VA FSC’s digitisation journey is not over, as they continue to focus on driving all invoices to an electronic submission through the Tungsten Network and approved electronic means. While over 26,000 suppliers have been onboarded and $13 billion in billed invoices are processed through Tungsten, opportunity remains to broaden scope and vendor adoption even further.

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increase in e-invoice submission
in invoices processed electronically every year
day payment time for all suppliers

“There are lots of organizations out there that provide web forms, and Tungsten does that too,” says Sandlin. “But when we made our selection it was very rare to have anyone that had an integrated solution – integrated meaning that it mapped into the vendors’ accounting solution directly and completely automated the system.”

Ben Sandlin, Supervisory Financial Manager, VA FSC

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